Briefing for Visiting Pilots

The following briefing is available in a printer friendly PDF format from the forms page.

Welcome to Haddenham. We hope you will enjoy your visit to the Upward Bound Trust. If there is anything you require, please ask. The following information about the local area and airfield is important so please read it carefully. If there is anything you are unsure about, please ask.

  • The layout of the launch point and pattern of operation diagrams can be inspected at the launch point trailer in the operations manual.
  • Use BGA standard circuit pattern with all turning completed by 300 feet AGL.
  • The Upward Bound Trust operates a PREFERRED CIRCUIT POLICY for gliders. The PREFERRED CIRCUIT for gliders is on the NORTH side of the airfield. For details of our preferred circuit rules, see the OPERATIONS MANUAL in the Launch Point Trailer.
  • DO NOT overfly the gliders at the launch point area. If the landing area is congested, move your base leg and landing point further up the airfield.
  • DO NOT queue for the launch point in the landing area.
  • Once you have landed, please clear the landing area to the tow back side as quickly as possible.
  • KEEP A GOOD LOOKOUT both in the air and on the ground at all times.
  • Acceptance of the cable means you are ready to launch. The launch controller will ask the winch for slack when all is clear.
  • If you wish to fly cross-country, please let us know where you are going and the time it will take and any ETA. HAVE YOU OBTAINED NOTAMS?
  • Do not loiter in the launch area once you have released the cable (unless of course you are in a thermal and intend to use it).
  • Mutual flying/air experience flying/Instruction flights must only take place with the CFI's approval.
  • Beware of cables at all times. DO NOT TOUCH THEM if a glider is being launched. Only handle the cables when it is essential to do so. There is a flashing light on the winch which is just visible from the launch point to tell you when the winch is in gear. Don't touch the cables if the light is flashing - they may MOVE!
  • A coloured weak link system is used. Please ensure you ask for the one to suit your glider.


  • When did you last have a winch launch?
  • When did you last have a launch failure?
  • When did you last launch or land in a crosswind?

If you are not current or have any doubts, please ask for a briefing and/or a check flight.