Duke of Edinburgh Award Courses
Since 2007 the Upward Bound Trust has offered students from local schools the opportunity to gain their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Skills Awards at Haddenham Airfield.

The Bronze Award requires students to attend the airfield one day per month for 3-months and the Silver Award requires 6-months of attendance.

Starting typically at the age of 14-years, each student experiences three flights each time they attend and over the period gain some hands-on experience of flying a K-13. In addition the students are instructed in aircraft handling, airfield safety and the basics of the theory of flight and meteorology.

There is no doubt that these courses are treated enthusiastically as the Trust receives enquiries from parents whose children wish to register for the courses throughout the year. Several of our past students have subsequently chosen to do the full solo course at Haddenham after finishing the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award courses act to promote flying amongst young people and the Trustees have determined to continue the offering so as to allow as many young people as possible to experience unpowered flight at Haddenham.

Maximum Pilot Weight

Please note, the maximum individual pilot weight we are permitted to carry in the Upward Bound Trust training gliders is 225lb or 16 stones (102kg). This limit is set by the maximum permitted seat capacity of the glider and we cannot accept applicants whose weight exceeds this limit.

Further Information