One Day Course

Booking a course

To book a One Day Course as an individual, please fill out a "One Day Course and Trial Lesson" form and a "Gift Aid" form which can be found on the Forms page. The rate of the flight or flights can be found on the Recommended Donations sheet, also found in the forms section.

To book a One Day Course as a group, contact the Group Course Secretary.

One Day Course Information

The object of this course is to give people an insight into the sport of Gliding. These courses take place on Saturdays commencing at 10.00am and through the day until everyone has completed the course or until dusk.

The course consists of 3 winch launches and the current rates are shown on the Rates / Donations page. The daily rate includes day membership and all flying costs. Participants of this course are expected to assist in the operation throughout the day.

The course consists of:

  • Briefing of airfield safety and how to handle gliders on the ground.
  • Up to 3 flights per person depending on duration (duration depends on weather but is typically 6 minutes from a winch launch).
  • Up to 8 people can be accommodated on the course
  • We expect those on the course to help us with ground operations (moving and launching gliders) as part of the experience of gliding.
  • You will need to bring your own food & drink as there are no facilities on the airfield.
  • Airfields suffer from extremes of weather and so appropriate clothing will be required.
  • Each person who wishes to fly with the Trust must fill out one of the temporary membership forms. For those under 18 a parent or guardian must sign the appropriate part of the form.
  • For more information about One Day Courses see the F.A.Q. section

To avoid disappointment you should book as soon as possible, as places are limited and the demand high. The course is open to all ages and group bookings are also welcome. One Day Courses run from April to October.

Maximum Pilot Weight

Please note, the maximum individual pilot weight we are permitted to carry in the Upward Bound Trust training gliders is 225lb or 16 stones (102kg). This limit is set by the maximum permitted seat capacity of the glider and we cannot accept applicants whose weight exceeds this limit.

Further information